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DoD Effort to Boost Afghan Business Sector Went Bust
About half the funding for the program went for administrative costs rather than actual projects.
Surface Fleet Commander to Resign After Reported Firing Recommendation
The Naval Surface Forces commander is stepping down following a reported recommendation that he be relieved.
Troops Just Want Congress to Stop Political Budget Games: Dunford
Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford says troops are frustrated by the budget impasse.
UPDATED: How a Government Shutdown Impacts Pay, Benefits
The Defense Department has released details on what a shutdown means for pay and benefits this year.
Trump Meets with Mattis on National Defense Strategy
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will unveil the National Defense Strategy on Friday.
Mattis: Pay, Maintenance, Training to Halt in Government Shutdown
Military pay, maintenance, intel ops and Reserve training would essentially stop in a government shutdown.
Mattis Says US Competitive Warfighting Edge Has Eroded
Countering China and an increasingly aggressive Russia are now the U.S. military's top national security priorities, ...
Russia, China Replace Terrorism as Military's Top Priority: Mattis
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the era of great power competition has returned.
Guard, Reserve Training Cancelled for Shutdown, Pay Issue Still Unresolved
The impacts on the military began building up in the second day of the government shutdown.
Senate Advances Bill to Reopen Government
The Senate has advanced a bill reopening federal agencies through Feb. 8 after Democrats lifted their blockade against the...
Furloughs Begin as Congress Moves to End Shutdown
Massive furloughs began at the Pentagon as the Senate moved to end the shutdown.
Shutdown Ending With Another Continuing Resolution That Military Hates
The government shutdown was ending Monday with another stopgap spending deal.
Pentagon Reviewing Fitness Trackers That Could Expose Troop Locations
The Defense Department began reviewing the policy Monday on the use of wearable fitness devices.
Pentagon: Gag Order on Afghan Data Was a Mistake
The U.S. military said it made a mistake when it ordered an auditor to stop providing info about the war in Afghanistan.
Cellphone Ban at Pentagon Possible after Exercise Tracker Disclosures
A review will consider a ban on uniformed and civilian personnel bringing their cell phones into the Pentagon.
Possible Cellphone Ban May Extend Beyond Pentagon to Other Facilities
The Defense Department has under review a possible cellphone ban at the Pentagon and elsewhere.
US May Consider Nuclear Response to 'Extreme' Non-Nuclear Attack: DoD
The Nuclear Posture Review also projected development of new low-yield warheads for ballistic missiles on submarines.
Senate Leaders Announce Two-Year Budget Pact
The agreement is aimed at averting a government shutdown Thursday at midnight.
Generals 'Getting Hammered' With Whistleblower Complaints, IG Says
A hearing about senior officer misconduct on Capitol Hill Wednesday quickly became a clash of perspectives.
Big Parade to Show Trump's 'Fondness for Military,' Mattis Says
The Pentagon is working out the details on the big parade wanted by President Trump, Mattis said Wednesday.
US begins reducing troops in Iraq after victory over ISIS
The U.S. has started to reduce the number of its troops in Iraq following Baghdad’s declaration of victory over the Islami...
Navy’s massive training overhaul faces long-term threat
Ominous warning signs exist that could spell trouble for personnel reform efforts.
This unmanned submarine chaser is closer to reality
A highly autonomous antisubmarine vessel, known as Sea Hunter, reached a key milestone and will transfer from DARPA to the...
Hearings for Fitz and McCain COs scheduled for next month
The sea service will soon publicly lay out its case against the two former ship captains.
Soldiers in South Korea can now skip shaving while off duty
Eight Army's commander rescinded the shaving requirement along with a handful of other conduct and appearance standards th...
Army medic charged with killing infant daughter is back at Fort Campbell
The 22-year-old is charged with raping his 9-month-old daughter and wrapping a cord around her neck.
Precision kits will help Army artillery rounds hit targets without GPS
A new contract aims to meet the Army's goals of greater range, accuracy and lethality for its long-range fires.
Commentary: It's time for moderates to take the lead
In the military we put aside our differences to accomplish the mission. Our country needs to be more like the military.
US forces on guard in Iraq, even as troop levels are expected to decline
A recent video shows U.S. troops working with Iraqi forces along the Syria border.
Navy doing away with combat camera
The Navy will cut its two combat camera units, eliminating over 50 billets.
Lawmaker blasts Air Force general over unsolved hypoxia problem
The chairman of a House Armed Services subcommittee blasted the Air Force’s deputy chief of staff for operations Tuesday o...
These Marines in Syria fired more artillery than any battalion since Vietnam
A small Marine artillery battalion fired more rounds than any artillery battalion since Vietnam.
US bombing expands to Afghan province near Chinese border
U.S. Forces-Afghanistan has begun launching precision airstrikes in Northern Afghanistan in an effort to degrade the Talib...
Air Force to begin cyber squadron roll out in 2018
The Air Force is rolling out the next phase of its initiative that aims to protect the critical Air Force-specific mission...
False report causes lockdown at Air Force base in Idaho
Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho went into lockdown after false report of shots fired.
Deploy or get out: New Pentagon plan could boot thousands of non-deployable troops
Approximately 11 percent, or 235,000, of the 2.1 million personnel serving on active duty, in the reserves or National Gua...
Afghanistan now main effort for US airpower
Assets previously used in Iraq, Syria shifting to Afghanistan fight.
Remains of airman missing since WWII recovered in France
Army Air Forces Staff Sgt. John Canty, who served with the 555th Bombardment Squadron, was shot down, along with seven oth...
Sexual assault reports doubled at West Point
Other military academies saw slight increases in reports of sexual assault.
Watch as a B-52 takes out a Taliban training camp in Afghanistan
Earlier in the week, the Air Force released video of a B-52’s airstrike against a Taliban drug lab; now, here’s what the A...
This video shows Russia’s 1st stealth fighter in action
A prototype for Russia’s fifth-generation stealth fighter performs some impressive aerial maneuvers last year.
EDITORIAL: Instead of parading tanks, let's honor our post-9/11 veterans instead
How about a grand parade that honors combat veterans who have served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria since Sept. 11, 2001?
Russia questions US compliance with key nuke accord
Russia challenged U.S. compliance with a key nuclear arms control treaty Monday and warned that the Trump administration’s...
9/11 conspirator sues Trump, claims 'psychological torture'
The only person convicted in the United States in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is suing President Donald...
US accuses Russia of protecting Syria over chemical attacks
U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley accused Russia on Monday of protecting Syrian President Bashar Assad from responsibility for w...
Will the US trade its new sub-launched cruise missile for Russian arms treaty compliance?
The Pentagon wants a new nuclear-armed cruise missile. But is it just a ploy to get Russia to change its tune on an arms t...
Mattis: No such thing as a ‘tactical’ nuclear weapon, but new cruise missile needed
When is a nuclear weapon tactical, and when is it strategic? It's pretty cut and dry for Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
Doubts rise over effectiveness of bombing Afghan drug labs
A government watchdog agency is questioning the Defense Department’s drug lab bombing campaign against the Taliban financi...
Pentagon says Trump ordered Washington military parade
President Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to plan a grand parade of the U.S. armed forces in Washington this year to c...
Mattis: Year-long continuing resolution would threaten troops’ pay
Pilots won't fly, spare parts won't be purchased and needed new service members won't be accepted if Congress funds govern...
Pentagon: Afghan war costing US $45 billion per year
Forty-five billion dollars. That’s how much the Pentagon says the Afghan war is costing American taxpayers, and with no en...
Afghanistan worse than ever, Russia ‘holds the cards’ in Syria, warns former DoD boss
The situations in Afghanistan and Syria have deteriorated to a point where the U.S. has few options left, said former Secr...
Senate bill would help military spouses land federal jobs, target other employment hurdles
The wide-ranging proposal addresses child care concerns, educational support and federal hiring practices.
See what changes could be coming to TAP
New legislation introduced on Capitol Hill this week seeks to boost participation rates in specialized workshops in educat...
Senate reaches budget deal with huge defense boost
Senate lawmakers have reached a two-year deal that would set defense spending at $700 billion for 2018 and $716 billion fo...
Mattis: If given a budget, 'we will spend the money wisely'
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis made a rare television appearance to speak directly to the public — and perhaps, more importa...
What would a Trump military parade look like?
Past military parades in the U.S. have featured thousands of U.S. troops and even Patriot missiles slowly creeping towards...
Myanmar's place at US military drills in Asia draws ire
Lawmakers are demanding Myanmar’s exclusion from U.S.-led military exercises in neighboring Thailand next week amid pressu...
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